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 Lunch with a Russian family 


      Coming to Russia, foreigners dream of unraveling the mystery of Russian soul. A visit to a Russian family can help them. Nothing can be more interesting than to find yourself behind warmly illuminated Moscow windows and to see how local people live with your own eyes. Sitting around a hospitable dining table you can taste traditional home-cooked dishes, learn more about local customs, talk heart to heart and ask most interesting questions. Gourmets and connoisseurs of Russian cuisine know, that only home-cooked borsh, made with love according to a secret recipe, which they have passed on from one generation to another, will win your heart with its rich taste and smell. Try home-cooked pancakes (blini) with red caviar, handmade dumplings (pel'meni) and other traditional Russian meals. Plunge into Russian culture and enjoy local soft drinks (mors, kvas) or alcohol drinks (local beer, vodka, klyukovka - cran-berry liqueur). They can offer you a variety of dishes. Adults and children will find something what they will like for sure. And after a lavish meal a hospitable hostess will offer you a cup of tea from Russian samovar with local sweets. Get an unforgettable experience of Russian life!




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