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    Kitay-gorod is the oldest district in Moscow within Kitaygorodskaya wall that was added in 1538 to corner towers of the Moscow Kremlin: Beklemishevskaya and Arsenalnaya. After destruction in the Soviet times only small parts of the ancient wall of Kitay-gorod are preserved. Kitay-gorod starts from Red Square, borders in the north with Okhotny Ryad, Teatralnaya Square and Teatralny Passage, in the east with Lubyanskaya Square and Staraya Square and the Moscow River in the south.
    Within the bounds of Kitay-gorod one can see such famous architectural and historical memorials as Saint Basil's Cathedral, Resurrection Gate, Gostiny Dvor, State Department Store, the Kazan Cathedral, the Church of Trinity in Nikitinki.




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