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 Kuznetsky Most Street 


     Kuznetsky Most is one of the oldest streets in Moscow. Its appearance is connected with building of Pushechny yard in this district and the name of the street comes from Kuznetsky bridge over the Neglinnaya river.
    In the 17th-18th centuries representatives of the elite like the Myasoedovs, the Saltykovs, the Gagarins, the Scherbatovs, the Dolgorukovs, the Volynskiys, the Voroncovs, the Golitsyns lived in this street. From the 18th century and up to thr Revolution in 1917 Kuznetsky Most was the main trade street in Moscow and was famous for its clothing stores, bookstores, photographer's studios and restaurants. Historical traditions of Kuznetsky Most are still kept nowadays.
    Kuznetsky Most goes through the territory of cultural layers "Staraya Kuznetskaya Sloboda", "Kuznetsky Most" and "Zvonarskaya Sloboda" that are guarded as objects of cultural heritage of the federal level. There are numerous historical and architectural memorials in the street.




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