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 Sretenka street 


Sretenka (at the beginning of the 16th century it was Ustretenskaya street) goes from Sretenskie Vorota Square to Bolshaya Sukharevskaya and Malaya Sukharevskaya Squares. The name originates from the Church Slavonic word "sretat" which means "to meet". The street received this name in the 17th century after the Sretensky Monastery that was situated in this street (now this part of Sretenka Street is called Bolshaya Lubyanka). The monastery was given this name after the liberation of Moscow from the Tamerlan army in 1395. Expecting the invasion prince Vasily Dmitrievich ordered that the wonder-working icon of the God's Mother should be brought to Moscow from Vladimir. On the 26th of August (8th of September) 1935 the Muscovites came out to greet the icon. On the place of the meeting - "sreteniya" of the icon in 1397 was founded a monastery that was called Sretensky.




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