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 Myasnitskaya Street 


     Myasnitskaya Street (in the 16th-17th centuries it was called Frolovskaya Street and Evplovskaya street, 1918-1935 Pervomayskaya Street, 1935-1990 Kirova Street) goes from Lubyanskaya Square to Sadovo-Spasskaya Street.
        The street was built in the 15th century when Ivan III founded the Church of the Assumption Day behind Nikolskie Gates in Kitay-gorod. In 16th century the street was built up with butcher's shops and their houses and their village was called Myasnitskaya Polusotnya. The main street of the village was called Frolovskaya (after the Church of Flor and Lavr) and Evplovskaya (after the Church of Saint Evpl). Both of these churches were pulled down in the 1930s. At the end of the 17th - beginning of the 18th century meat trade moved to Zemlyanoy Val but the name Myasnitskaya remained.




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