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 Maroseyka Street 


     Maroseyka street (1954-1990 Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street) goes from Iliinskie Vorota Square to Pokrovka Street.
Maroseyka is a part of ancient Pokrovskaya Streer and it received its name in the 17th century after Malorossijskoe town house which was at the corner of Maroseyka and Bolshoy Zlatoustinsky Lane.
     In the 15th-16thncentury in Pokrovka were royal gardens; "royal road" along Maroseyka to Preobrazhenskoe and Izmaylovo attracted the elite. At the end of the 17th - beginning of the 18th century here lived Artamon Matveev, Ivan Miloslavsky and Ivan Mazepa.
    In the 1900-1910s Maroseyka was reconstructed by architects I.A.Ivanov-Shic and M.S.Lyalevich, but the biggest part of the street still has the buildings of the first half of the 19th century.




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