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 Solyanka Street 


     Solyanka Street runs from Solyansky Passage up to Yauzskie Vorota Square.
    Solyanka is one of the oldest streets in Moscow, the beginning of the ancient road to Ryazan. Ryazanskaya road was known from the 14th century. The southern part of Solyanka was known as Vasiljevsky Garden and it was built up in the 17th century.
     In the 18th century the elite like the Buturlinys, the Volkonskys and the Naryshkinys built their manors in Solaynka. Up to the end of the 18th century the street ended up with stone gates of Bely Gorod. In 1824 in one district to north was built Khitrovskaya Square.
    In the 1900s in the framework of the reconstruction project of Kitay-gorod and adjacent territories Moscow Merchant society built at the corner of Solyanka and Zabelina Street a district of tenement buildings. This district is a memorial of the neoclassicism style of the pre-Revolutionary years.




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