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     Zayauzie is a historical area in Moscow to east from the Kremlin, on the left bank of the Yauza river near its entry. Settlements existed in Zayauzie in the 12th-13th centuries.
    The road to Kolomna and Ryazan went across Zayauzie. In 1380 the warrior-host of Dmitry Donskoy went to Kulikovo Field along this road. In the 15th century Andronikov Monastery was founded in Zayauzie. In the 16th century Zayauzie was intensively populated and on its territory appeared Tagannaya, Goncharnaya and Kotelnichaya villages. The Church of Nikita behind the Yauza is preserved (16th century). At the end of the 16th century a part of Zayauzie went into Zemlyanoy Grad. From the first half of the 17th century in Zayauzie manors of boyars and foreigners were built. In the 18th century the villages disappeared and the territory was built up with houses of merchants and clerks. A number of city manors, including the manor of Batashov, are preserved. Zayauzie suffered a lot from the 1812 Fire of Moscow. In the 19th century the name Zayauzie disappeared from the Moscow lexicon and its bigger part was called Taganka. In 1973 a part of Zayauzie within Garden Ring became a conservation area.




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