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     Khamovniki is a district in Moscow that is situated in the bend of the Moscow river. Many buildings are historically important.
    The word "khamovniki" originates from the word "kham" that from the 15th century meant linen canvas. Before on this territory was big Khamovnaya village where weavers lived. They were called "khamovniki". In memory of the weavers there ate now chambers of Khamovny yard that are situated in Leo Tolstoy Street.
In Khanovniki one can find: the museum of Leo Tolstoy, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the state museum of A.S.Pushkin, exhibition halls of Russian Academy of Arts, the museum of Moscow, the memorial house of A.I.Herzen, exhibition hall of Federal Archives, the museum of Sport in Luzhniki, the museum "Burganov's house", Gallery of Arts of Zurab Tsereteli and other museums, galleries and exhibition halls. There are also Novodevichy Convent (founded in 1524), Conception Convent (founded in 1584), the restored Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Cathedral of The Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the cathedral of St.Nicholas the Wonderworker in Khamovniki, the cathedral of the Prophet Elijah, the cathedral of the Archangel Michael, the cathedral of Antipa Pergamsky, the cathedral of Dmitry Prilutsky and other. The working residence of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia and the Publishing Council of the Russian Orthodox Church are also situated in Khamovniki.




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