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 Arbat Street 


     Arbat Street runs from Arbatskie Vorota square to Smolenskaya square and lies between Prechistenka street and Novy Arbat street. The name of the street originates from the name of the area Orbat that was situated to the west from the Kremlin. In the 16th - 17th centuries a vast area lying between modern Znamenka Street and Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street was called Arbat. The main street that time was Vozdvizhenka which was mainly called Arbat. The name Orbat was first mentioned in 1475.
    During the reconstruction of Arbat after the 1812 Fire of Moscow the buildings were small - only one or two floors and they were surrounded by small gardens.
    At different times in Arbat lived or the street was visited by A.S.Pushkin, N.V.Gogol, L.N.Tolstoy, M.Saltykov-Schedrin, the Aksakov brothers, A.P.Chekhov, A.Blok, Andrey Bely.
    Nowadays the street is one of the most popular places for foreign tourists. Following Hollywood example we also have our "walk of fame" in Arbat.




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