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 Tomb of the Unknown Soldier  


     Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a memorial architectural ensemble in Moscow, in Alexandrovsky Garden, near the walls of the Kremlin. On the tombstone a bronze composition is set - a soldier's helmet and a laurel branch lying on the battle flag. In the center of the memorial is a niche with the words "Your name is unknown, your deed is immortal" from labradorite with a bronze five-pointed star in the center, in the middle of which burns the Eternal flame of Glory. To the left of the grave is a wall of crimson quartzite with the inscription: "1941 Killed for Their Country 1945»; to the right is a granite alley with blocks of dark red porphyry. On every block you can see the name of the hero cities and a chased medal "Gold Star". The blocks contain capsules with the ground from hero cities. To the right from the alley of hero cities you can find a red granite stele in honor of the cities of military glory. The left side of the wall has the inscription "City of Military Glory"; the right side along the block - the names of 40 cities of military glory.




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