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 Monument to Pushkin on Pushkin Square  


     The monument to Alexander Pushkin, created by Aleksandr Mikhailovich Opekushin, was set in Moscow on the 6th of June 1880. The monument is made from bronze and it was originally installed at the beginning of Tverskoy Boulevard on Strastnaya Square (now Pushkinskaya Square). In 1950 the monument was moved to the opposite side of the square where it remains up to nowadays.
    The monument is very showy: the pose of the poet is simple; the look is thoughtful directed into the distance. Pushkin stands straight and pulls his left foot a little forward, his right hand is put in his waistcoat, on the shoulder the poet has a cloak, in his left hand behind his back he holds a hat and his head slightly tilted. The monument represents a complete similarity with the true portrait of the poet and a mask that was removed from his face at the day of his death.




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