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 Andronikov Monastery 


Andronikov Monastery of the Saviour is a former monastery on the left bank of the river Jauza. It was founded in 1357 as by Metropolitan Alexy as a Metropolitan monastery and it was named after the first abbot Andronicus who was a disciple of St. Sergius of Radonezh. Currently the monastery is located within the city in Andronievskaya area. The cathedral of the Savior Monastery is the oldest of the preserved churches in Moscow.
In the architectural ensemble of the monastery Andronicus are preserved: the white stone Cathedral of the Savior that is one of the oldest buildings in Moscow (it was rebuilt in a form close to the original in 1959-1960); the refectory (1504-1506); the stone walls and towers (XVII-XVIII centuries); abbot's chambers (1690); stepped Church of Archangel Michael that was built in the Moscow baroque forms (1694-1739) and was restored in 1960; family shrine of the Lopukhins; the brethren's building (the beginning of the 18th century); the building of the religious school (1810-1814).




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