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 Novospassky Monastery 


Novospassky Monastery is a historically stavropegic Monastery of the Russian Church. The monastery is located located behind Taganka Strees on Krutitsk hill. It was founded in 1490 with the name of the Savior of the New Grand Prince Ivan III who moved here the fraternity of Kremlin Monastery of Our Savior on Bor. The latter originated around 1330 under the Grand Duke Ivan Kalita. The walls and towers of the monastery were built in 1640-1642.
The current building of the Transfiguration Cathedral was built in 1645-1649 by a dependant of Mikhail Fedorovich. In the basement of the cathedral are buried the boyars Zakharins-Koshkin, the ancestors of the royal house of the Romanovs, their relatives princes Cherkassky as well as the Sittskiys, the Yaroslavskys, the Obolenskys, the Troyekurovs, the Trubetskoys and others. The belfry was originally arranged by Patriarch Filaret in 1622; a new tower was built in 1759-1785. On the territory of the monastery there is the tomb of the nun Dosifeya (according to a legend she was the daughter of Elizabeth Petrovna). The main buildings of Novospassky Monastery: Cathedral of the Transfiguration (years of construction - 1645-1649), Church of the Intercession with the refectory (the complex was formed in the 1670s), walls and towers of the monastery (the 17th century), fraternal cells with Nicholas Church, abbot's house (the end of the 17th century – the beginning of the 18th century), the belfry (the monumental bell tower was built in 1759 - 1785), Znamenska church (was built in the late 18th century).




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