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 Simonov Monastery 


Simonov Monastery was founded in 1370 downstream of the Moscow River by St.Theodore who was a pupil and nephew of St. Venerable. Sergius of Radonezh. The lands where the monastery was founded was donated by lord Stepan Khovrin, who became a monk named Simon, and from which comes the name of the monastery. Many key events of Russian history are associated with Simonov monastery.
Up to our time only a small part of the complex of Simonov Monastery has survived. In the monastery survived the southern wall with three towers: the angular "Barrel" (four stone battle tiers, a stone tent, a lookout tower), five-sided "Blacksmith" and round "Salt." Moreover, other institutions are preserved: the "new" refectory with the church of St.Spirit (1677-1683), the fraternal body of the 17th century, the “old” refectory (1485, the 17th century) and outbuildings - "solodezhnya" or "drying room". Now the refectory is being reconstructed, outbuildings and fraternal body are used as workshops; the preserved walls and towers are in a derelict state.




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