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 Church of Antipa on Kolymazhny Yard  


Church of Antipa on Kolymazhny Yard is an Orthodox church, belonging to the Central deanery of Moscow City of Russian Orthodox Church. The church is located in a side street Kolymazhny.
The church, built in the 16th century, is located near the sovereign's stable yard. In 1514, for royal grooms who lived close to the Kremlin, the architect Aleviz Fryazin built a church made of wood. In the 1560s, instead of the wooden church a stone church was built. The main altar was consecrated in the name of the Holy Martyr Antipa, and the small in the name of Gregory Dekapolit. There is a legend that one of the wedding of Ivan the Terrible took place in the church. Ivan IV honored Antipa. Dedication of the temple to martyr Antipa attracted people from all over the world. In the church prayed kings, nobles and lay citizens. They all asked St. Antipa for good health. In 1737 the church suffered during the Great Fire of Moscow.
The main restoration of the church took place in 1968. Restoration work was carried out by architect L.A. David. In 1983 he carried out the external restoration of the three main parts of the temple. The head of the dome with a cross over the southern church remained unfinished and the restoration was not considered to be finished. On the vault and the niches of the chapel of John the Baptist one can still see quality murals that are related to the middle of the 19th century. In 1990 the external restoration of the church began anew, but the South Aisle and remained without a governor. In 1991 the community of the church was formed. In 1996 Archpriest Vladimir Volgin was appointed dean of the church. In 2005 the church was given to the disposal of the Russian Orthodox Church. In 2006 the church held its first bishop worship. Now the church is being actively restored.




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