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 Kadashi Church 


Church of the Resurrection in Kadashi is an orthodox church of Moskvoretsky deanery of Moscow diocese. The temple is situated in the area of Jakimanka.
The first mentioning of Church of the Resurrection refers to 1493. In the letter, addressed to his sons, the governor of Moscow Prince Ivan Patrickeyev meticulously outlined his possessions. In 1504, the Grand Duke Ivan III says about this area as about a village of Kadashov.
The first stone building, built in 1656, was there for about 30 years. From this building have survived the southern apse (the lower part of the temple) and a stone basement – a storage room beneath the altar. In 1687 the construction of a new two-storey five-domed temple started. The construction was carried out at the expense of residents of Kadashov settlement - merchants Kondrat Markovich Dobrynin and his son Longin Kondratovich.
In 1812 the church was looted, the antique painting of the 17th century was damaged. In the thirties, restoration works began and lasted until 1863. In 1848 a new wall-painting was carried out by P.N. Schepetov, and the iconostasis, starting with a primer, was re-gilded. In 1893-1903 hardware repairs were carried out. The repair also included the wooden stairs in an enclosed porch which were replaced by stone and tile stoves chimneys of the 17th century on the ground floor.
In 1934 the church was closed. In the middle of the 20th century it was restored. In 1992 the parish of the temple was founded, and in 2006 the church was given to the parish of the Russian Orthodox Church. The restoration works are still taking place.




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