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 Church of The Great Martyr Genus 


Church of The Great Martyr Genus is an orthodox church of the Moscow City Deanery of the Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church. It is the monument of the XVII century in the style of the Moscow Uzoroche. Since 1992 it is the farmstead of Solovetsky monastery. The church is located in the area of Zamoskvoreche.
The core of the monument is a two-tier pillarless quadrangle, covered by a closed vault with a pyramid set. The quadrangle is crowned with five heads that are put on high drums and by its completion it reminds of another church of the middle of the 17th century - the temple of the Holy Trinity in Nikitniki. The complexity of the silhouette of the temple was achieved due to different heights of the altar, the quadrangle, the porch, and the bell tower. The décor of the quadrangale is typical of the architecture of the middle of the 17th century and is characterized by abundance of carved brick details.
Three-tiered bell tower, built in the classical style, and the church fence are put on the red line of Sadovnicheskaya street. The "gothic" proportions of the two lower tiers in combination with a low octagonal Chetverikov with niches give lightness and harmony to the bell tower. The bell tower is topped with a dome and a spire.




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