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 Church of St. John the Warrior 


Church of St. John the Warrior in Yakimanka in Moscow is an orthodox church in honor of martyr John the Warrior (IV). The church is administered by the Russian Orthodox Church. The church building was erected in 1704-1713 during the reign of Peter the Great.
Peter I, examining how much the Church of St. John (1625) was damaged after the flood, which was closer to the river, ordered to build a new church in a safer place - in memory of the Battle of Poltava.
The building's architecture combines elements of Moscow baroque style with Ukrainian Baroque, and certain European influence that was widespread in Russian architecture during the time of Peter the Great. The architect remained unknown but the similarity with the Menshikov Tower suggests that Ivan Zarudny worked at the building of the church. The main building is a traditional Moscow octagon in a square (octagon on a quadrangle), however, in this case, there are two coaxial octagons, each crowning a half of the dome.
The shrines of the church: the south aisle of the temple - in the name of martyrs Guria, Samon and Habib; the north - in the name of St.Dimitry of Rostov; the djacent in the name of St. Barbara; in the temple there is also the venerated icon of St.Barbara from the temple in Varvarka Street, the relics of over 150 saints in arks and in icons. Moreover, there are icons of Joachim and Anna ("Conception of holy Anne, when thou Conception of the Blessed Virgin") with stamps - in the north aisle, and the icon of the Savior "of Great Council of Angel" - next to the highly revered temple icon of martyr John the Warrior.




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