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 St. Clement's Church 


St. Clement’s Church is an Orthodox church, located in Moscow, at the intersection of Clement alley and Pjatnitskaya Street. The church is a part of the Moskvoretsky Deanery of Moscow City Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church. The church is the largest temple in Zamoskvoreche. The main altar was consecrated in honor of the Transfiguration of the Lord and the second name of the church is Church of the Transfiguration.
The temple was first mentioned in written sources under the same name in 1612, in connection with the events of the Battle of Moscow between the Russian militia and the Polish-Lithuanian army led by Hetman Chodkiewicz.
In 1929 the church was closed, and in 1934 the church was turned into storage of books from Lenin Library. In 2008 the church was given to the ROC, the books were been taken out, and a large-scale restoration to recreate the historic appearance started. The restoration is under way up to the present moment.




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