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 Church of Cosma and Damian Assiyskiy in Maroseyka 


Church of Cosma and Damian Assiyskiy in Maroseyka is an Orthodox church of the Epiphany Deanery of the Diocese of Moscow City. The temple is located in the Bely Gorod near Basmannyj district in the Central Administrative District of Moscow. The main altar was consecrated in honor of Christ the Saviour who healed the paralytic, and the chapels in honor of Cosma and Damian and St. Nicholas.
The church was built after the draft of M.F. Kazakov in 1791-1793 (the finishing completed by 1803) on the place of an old dilapidated church. The construction was carried out on money of M.R. Khlebnikov, the owner of the house standing in the opposite side of the street. The church was updated in 1893. The composition of the church is unusual. There are four cylinder volumes in its core: the main part of the church, its apse and chapels. On the western side there are an adjacent cubic refectory and a bell tower which are set along the longitudinal axis of the building. Two column porticos are symmetrically placed on the sides of the chapels. The difficult task of combining a group of cylindrical volumes the architect solved with an astonishing skill. Church of Cosma and Damian is considered one of the most striking monuments of mature classicism. The development of classicism in the direction of more and more laconic highlighted the plasticity of the main parts of the building, and here this trend was expressed with a great extend.




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