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 Church of Ascension in Nikitinskaya Street 


Church of Ascension in Nikitinskaya Street is an Orthodox church of the Central Deanery of the Diocese of Moscow. The temple is situated in Presnenskaya area, in the Central Administrative District of Moscow (Nikitskaya street). The main altar was consecrated in honor of the feast of the Ascension. Since the 1830s the alternative name of the temple - "Small Ascension" – became quite widespread in contrast to "the Great Ascension" - a new Church of the Ascension near Nikitsky Gates (1827-1848). Before the construction of Great Ascension Church the temple was called "Old Ascension”.
The first mentioning of the church refers to 1584. Its wooden building was destroyed by fire in 1629. The modern stone building was built in 1634. In the 1680s the temple was rebuilt and the south aisle of St. Prokop and John Ustuzhsky was added to the building of the church. In 1690 the northern chapel of Saint Nicholas is also mentioned in the temple. In 1737 the church was damaged by fire and was rebuilt in 1739. With this renovation the north chapel in the name of the Beheading of John the Baptist was added to the church. In 1764 the temple was built in the form of an octagonal Baroque drum and was topped with a cupola. At the beginning of the 19th century the south aisle of the church was extended, an arched gallery adjacent to the northern aisle was built and a warm porch was added in the church. In 1831 the church was decorated with a new iconostasis. In 1876 the church was rebuilt. In 1902 restoration works were carried out in the temple. In 1937 the church was closed and returned to the Russian Orthodox Church in 1992. On the day of the Ascension on the 3rd of June 1992 the main altar of the church was consecrated.




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