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 Church of St. Nicholas in Zvonary in Moscow 


Church of St. Nicholas in Zvonary in Moscow is an Orthodox church that is since 1996 is related to the Moscow Representation of Pyukhtitsky women monastery in Estonia. The building was built by the architect Charles Blanc in 1762; the bell tower belongs to a later time.
In 1760 with the money of Count Ivan Illarionovich Vorontsov who had an extensive estate nearby, began the construction of a new stone church. The author of the project was the famous Baroque architect Karl Blank. The construction of the temple lasted until 1781. The сhurch, which was built in Baroque style with a slight influence of classicism, is a high octagon on an extended from north to south quadrangle, with a dome and a small traditional bulbous head. The church is decorated with carved white stone decor, the octagonal is decorated with capitals on the corner pilasters and large frames. In this form the temple has survived to the present day undergoing only small changes - after the war of 1812 two porches and stone fence were changed and a new refectory and bell tower in the classic style were built. In 1900 restoration work was carried out. In 1930 the church was closed. In 1996 Patriarch Alexy II decided to create a farmstead of Pyuhtetsky monastery in Moscow, and for the main temple of monastery Church of St. Nicholas in Zvonary was chosen. Restoration works in the church began in 1994.




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