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 Church of St. Nicholas in Pyzhi 


Church of St. Nicholas in Pyzhi is an Orthodox church of Moskvoretsky deanery of the Moscow diocese and an architectural monument of the XVII century. The temple is situated in the area of Zamoskvoreche in Moscow. The church stands between Bolshaya and Malaya Ordinka near it is a two-storey house of the clergy that is a protected monument of architecture of the 19th century.
The wooden church on the place of the modern one was founded not earlier than in 1593, probably at the same time with the establishment of the Strelets settlement. In the second half of the 17th century local strelets regiment was commanded Bogdan Pyzhov, who gave his name to the area, the temple and Pyzhevskaya alley. The construction of the main part of the Annunciation Church dates back to 1672. In 1691 a chapel in honor of Anthony and Theodosius and in honor of St. Nicholas, whose name has since become a major and for "St. Nicholas in Pyzhi", was built. After the destruction in 1812 the temple was rebuilt. The rebuilding started in 1848 on the money of Lyaminy merchants. The church was closed in 1934 and returned to the Russian Orthodox Church in 1990. The service began in 1991. Iconostases are modern created by I.V.Klimenko; in Nicholas aisle one can see the paintings of the late 19th century created by A.Sokolov.




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