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 Church of St. Nicholas in Bolvanovka 


Church of St. Nicholas in Bolvanovka is an Orthodox church of Pokrovsky Deanery in the Diocese of Moscow City. The church is attributed to the temple of the Assumption in Gonchary. The church is an architectural monument of federal importance that was built in 1697 - 1712. The temple is located near Taganka in the central Administrative District of Moscow. The main altar of the lower church was consecrated in honor of St. Nicholas, the upper church - in the name of the apostles Peter and Paul. In the refectory the chapels were consecrated in honor of the feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin and in honor of the feast of the Beheading of John the Baptist.
The stone temple was built under the direction of the talented Moscow architect Osip Startsev. Startsev was a very conservative architect and the church was built in the traditional style of Moscow - the so-called "Moscow baroque", but more archaic than Startsev’s previous building. Church of St. Nicholas in Bolvanovka is sometimes called the last medieval building of old Moscow.
Earlier in the temple were ancient icons - icon deesis and icon of Sergius of Radonezh, created by his nephew, Theodore, an archimandrite of Simonov Monastery. Now in the temple the revered icon "The addition of the mind" is kept.




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