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 Church of the Intercession in Fili 


Church of the Intercession in Fili is an Orthodox church of Mikhailovsky Deanery of the Diocese of Moscow City. The temple is situated in the area of Filyevskiy Park. The building is architecturally related to a widespread in the late 17th century type of tier centric churches. It is a sample of early Moscow Baroque style.
The present church building was erected in 1690 - 1694 on the money of L.K. Naryshkin, the brother of Queen Natalia. There previously stood a wooden church that was built in 1619 when the village belonged to the Miloslavskys. That church was erected to commemorate the victory over the forces of the Polish king Vladislav and Hetman Sagaydachny near the walls of Bely Gorod. Later near the church was created a regular park.
The original interior of the lower church is not preserved: much was destroyed during the war of 1812. Currently the iconostasis, many icons and wall paintings are related to the 19th century. The original iconostasis of the lower church has not survived. It was changed three times at different periods. From the original in the church the following things are preserved: the temple icon "Protection of the Virgin," icon "Three Joys" and others. The oak throne is one of the oldest surviving thrones. On the vaults fragments of murals end of the 17th and the 19th centuries are preserved.




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