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 Nativity Church at Putinki 


Nativity Church at Putinky is a parish church of the Moscow Patriarchate. The church was consecrated in honor of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and has the status of the patriarchal monastery. The building was built in the style of "Russian Uzoroche." The church is one of the last major tent churches in the history of Russian architecture.
The temple was founded in 1649 after a fire destroyed the previous wooden church of the Nativity of the Virgin. The construction was completed in 1652. The church was built from specially molded bricks and included: a stretched from north to south quadrangle crowned with three tents, a reduced rectangular volume of an altar, a cubiform chapel, a two-tiered bell tower and a small dining hall adjacent to the quadrangle the church from the west side. After the completion of the construction of the temple Patriarch Nikon stopped any further construction of tent churches in Russia. Thus, Navity Church at Putinky is one of the last stone tent churches in Moscow.




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