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 Church of St.Simeon in Povarskaya 


Church of St. Simeon in Povarskaya is a survived stone church, built in 1676-1679 after the order of Tsar Fedor Alekseevich in the style of Russian Uzoroche.
A wooden church stood there already in 1625. The stone church was built after the order of Tsar Fyodor Alexeyevich in style of Russian Uzoroche with five chapters, a refectory, a bell tower and two aisles, each with a separate apse and cupola. The main altar of the church is Vvedenskii and the chapels were consecrated in the name of St.Simeon and St. Nicholas. The latter was reconsecrated in the name of Dimitry of Rostov in 1759. In the white stonewalls of the building are preserved tombstones of the 17th and 18th centuries. After the Revolution the church was closed. Miraculously a half-ruined church survived until 1966. Designing Kalinin Prospekt (Novy Arbat Street) it was decided to keep the temple. The building was renovated. In 1968 the building of the temple was given to the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation and the interiors of the temple were completely destroyed. In 1990 crosses were again placed on the top of the church. In 1992 the church of St. Simeon was again assigned to the church and re-painted by young artists. It turned out that from the old decoration of the temple survived icon of St. Simeon which was saved by the congregation.




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