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 Church of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul near Yauzskie gates 


Church of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul near Yauzskie gates is an Orthodox church of Pokrovsky Deanery of the Diocese. The church is a farmstead of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia and a farmstead of Serbian Orthodox Church. The temple is located near Taganka area in Moscow.
First the stone church on that place was mentioned in 1631. The temple had the name of "St.Peter and St. Paul high that is on the hill." The building of the present church was built in 1700-1702 after the blessing of Patriarch Adrian. The main altar of the new church was dedicated in honor of the Mother of God "The Sign". The old throne of St.Peter and St.Paul was placed in the north side in a warm winter aisle. The temple was made in Moscow baroque style. In 1731 in the southern part of the warm church was built a chapel in honor of Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. From that time the temple was three-altar. After the project of architect A.P.Popov in 1876 south aisle of the temple was expanded. In 1748 the church was severely damaged by fire but it was quickly restored at the expense of the parishioners. In 1771 a new three-tiered bell tower was built. In 1812 the building of the church survived without too many damaged through lootings and fires, but the houses of the priests and church buildings were burned.
In 1999 Church of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul was converted into a patriarchal farmstead, in which the office of the Serbian Orthodox Church was re-opened. At the moment the church is a symbol of spiritual brotherhood of the Serbian and Russian Orthodox churches.




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