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 Trifon Church in Naprudnoe 


Trifon Church in Naprudnoe is an Orthodox church of the Sretenskoe deanery of Moscow City diocese. It is one of the earliest surved architectural monuments in Moscow. The church is the first of ancient temples that have Groin vault. The temple is situated in Meschansky area of Central Administrative District in Moscow. The temple was named in honor of St. Tryphon.
The church has no chronicle. In the 19th – the first half of 20th century the church was dated around the middle of the 16th century. L.A. David suggested an earlier dating between 1479 and 1492. This date, with some remarks closer to 1500, was accepted by Vl.V.Sedov, but was not accepted by V.V. Kavelmaher, S.S. Podyapolskii and A.L. Batalov who adhered to the dating of the middle-second half of the 16th century. In the early 2000s S.V. Zagraevsky dated the temple in the time period from the middle of the 1470s to the middle of the 1480s.




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