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 Trinity Church in Nikitniki 


Trinity Church in Nikitniki was built by Yaroslavl merchants in Kitay Gorod. This building is a milestone in the history of Russian architecture. The church served as a model for many churches in Moscow in the second half of the 17th century.
In the XVI century there was a wooden church of holy martyr Nikita. In 1620s it burned down and after the order of Yaroslavl merchant Grigory Nikitnikov in 1628-1651 there was built a new stone church in the name of Holy Trinity. The south aisle of the church was dedicated to Martyr Nikita and there was brought the revered icon of the saint from the burnt church. The main shrine of the temple since 1654 is the list of Georgian icon of the Mother of God, made in connection with the deliverance of the capital from the plague. For this reason the temple was known as Georgian Church of Our Lady.
In 1920 the church was closed for worships and in 1934 and it was given to the State Historical Museum. In 1991 it was decided to return the church to the believers. Now worships are conducted in the basement of the temple.




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