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 Trinity Church in Troitsk-Golenishchevo 


Trinity Church in Troitsk-Golenishchevo is an Orthodox church built in 1644-1645 after the project of Antipa Konstantinov in an ancient patriarchal village Golenishchevo (the village was renamed after the construction to Troitsk-Golenishchevo) on the river Setun on place of the church of St. John the Divine, built in the 15th century.
Trinity Church in Troitsk-Golenishchevo is a sample of stone tent churches. Tent temples were built in Russia at the beginning of the 16th century and were banned during church reforms of Patriarch Nikon in 1653. Central tent of the church is lined with iron, the quadrangle is completed with keel gables. From west and south a gallery surrounds the church. There are two apses adjacent to the chapel that are dedicated to Jonah, Metropolitan of Moscow and Saint martyr Agapiy. The chapels have separate apses, chapels are decorated with rows of false hearing holes.
Currently, every Saturday and Sunday, as well as at religious holidays services are held in the temple. There are also a Sunday school, a parish library, an audio and video library with recordings of sermons and worship. The parish is a patron of the children’s home Matveyevskoye. It publishes a monthly parish leaflet "Kiprianovsky source".




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