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 Church of Evangelical Christians-Baptists  


Moscow Central Church of Evangelical Christians-Baptists is one of the oldest and the largest Baptist churches in Russia, located in Bely Gorod (Kulishki), in Moscow's historical district. The church building was rebuilt in 1865 by architect Hermann von Nissen of a dwelling house of the 18th century and was intended for a Reformed Church. In 1917 the building was given to the community of evangelical Christians.
Church organ is a unique monument of German romanticism of the 19th century by a famous German master Ernst Roewer (1857-1923). The majestic instruments of his creation sounded in the cathedrals of Magdeburg, Halberstadt, Stendal and others. Most of them, unfortunately, were destroyed during the Second World War or underwent serious changes in the postwar years. The instrument was built in 1898. It replaced the previous organ created by Friedrich Ladegast (it was established in 1871) and is the only instrument by Roewer outside Germany. By a happy coincidence, the organ was never changed and therefore it preserved its original sound image. In 1990 the instrument was taken into account as a historical and cultural monument. In 2012 the restoration of the organ was completed.




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