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 Memorial Synagogue on Poklonnaya Hill  


Memorial Synagogue on Poklonnaya Hill is a memorial "Temple of Memory of Jews – the Holocaust victims" on Poklonnaya Hill. It is a part of the historical and architectural complex dedicated to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The synagogue was built in the memory of more than six million Jews murdered during the Second World War. It was opened in September 1998.
The interiors are designed in strict, solemn tones. Memorial Synagogue on Poklonnaya Hill was the first museum of Jewish history in modern Russia. Its exhibit includes materials on the history of the Jews from the time of their settlement in Russia. It reflects the contribution of the Jews in the Russian culture, their participation in the economic development of the country. A significant part of the exhibition is devoted to the history of the Holocaust. The exhibition also describes the participation of Jews in the resistance movement - guerrilla groups, heroism of Jewish soldiers in the Great Patriotic War (over 150 of them were awarded with the title of Hero of the Soviet Union). A special section of the exhibition is dedicated to the heroism of the Russians, the Ukrainians and the Belarusians who saved their Jewish neighbors in the Occupied Territories (later these people were honored the title Righteous Among the Nations). Some of them saved tens and hundreds of people, the others helped to save life of a Jewish child. On a medal of the Righteous that is shown at the exhibition is written: "Who saved one life saved the world."
The museum of Memorial synagogue organizes excursions, lectures, shows films about the history of Jews in Russia and about the tragic events of the Holocaust. The museum's activities are aimed at creating tolerance in the society, formation of sense of respect for the Jewish of Russia, their tragic and heroic past, their contribution to Russian culture, science, economy and statehood.




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