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 Pushkin memorial flat in Arbat 


       Pushkin memorial flat in Arbat is a museum in an old house in Arbat where the poet first took his wife N.N. Goncharova to. The museum was opened in 1986 and is an affiliate of State Pushkin Museum. The building was built in 1815 instead of the one that was destroyed by fire of 1812. When the poet lived in the building, the estate belonged to Nikanor Nikanorovich Hitrovo.
      On the first floor visitors can walk through the halls devoted to the topic “Pushkin and Moscow”. Exhibits of Pushkin epoch including engravings, water coloured paintings, portraits and sculptures of the poet and his peers are displayed there. All these exhibits are real objects of the 19th c. Pushkin`s flat was located on the second floor and consisted of 5 rooms: a hall, a dining room, an office, a bedroom and a lady`s room. The original interior was lost, the planning of the furnace was lost as well. The exposition has a memorial character and displays Pushkin`s writing desk from the collection of Russian Pushkin Museum in St.Petersburg, a small table for handicraft that belonged to his wife, memorial things belonging to Pushkin`s children and grandchildren.




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