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 State Mayakovskiy museum 


    The memorial exposition commemorates famous Soviet and Russian poet, one if the key representatives of Russian avant-gardism - Vladimir Mayakovsky. The museum was opened in 1974.
     Funds of the library - museum named after Mayakovsky (opened in 1938 in Mayakovsky pereulok) made up the core of the collection of the museum. The museum fund has more than 50 thousands of objects.
Since December, 2013 the museum is under restoration which is to be finished in 2015.
     The main aim for this two - year period is to complete repairs of high quality. The repairs are of technical character, as for the exposition, no changes are to be made. During the restoration the museum continues to work in a different exhibition hall in " Chehov's house" where the museum opened new display area to celebrate its 75th anniversary since being opened and to commemorate Mayakovsky's 120th Jubilee.




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