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 The Leo Tolstoy State Museum 


   The Leo Tolstoy State Museum is a complex of museums, dedicated to the writer, a unique depository of handwritten heritage of L.N. Tolstoy, documentary, graphic, memorial, graphic materials connected with Leo Tolstoy`s life and work. The museum is a world-famous centre of studying Leo Tolstoy`s works and is a first-rate educational institution.
     The Leo Tolstoy State Museum has a few affiliates:
• “ Memorial museum “Astapovo” in Lipetskaya oblast
• “Cultural centre named after Leo Tolstoy” in Zheleznovodsk of Stavropolsky krai
• Literary exposition in Prechistenka
• Leo Tolstoy`s "Hamovniki" estate
• “Tolstoy`s center in Patnitskaya street,12”
    The motto for all the literary expositions is “ Leo Tolstoy – a man, a writer, a painter, a philosopher”.




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