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 Memorial State Museum and Studio of Sculptor A.S.Golubkina 


     Memorial State Museum and Studio of Skulptor A.S.Golubkina is a department of State Tretyakov Gallery. The museum was opened in 1934 and existed till 1952, in 1976 it was opened again.
The works that were given by Anna Semenovich Golubkina (according to her last will) as a present to the museum made up the core of the collection.
     The museum is located in a one-storey residence not far from Sadovoye Koltso (Smolensky Bulvar). The building of the second quarter of the 19th century with a two-storey annex was designed specially for art studios upon the initiative of the Sabashnikoves.
     Today the exposition is a full collection of Golubkina`s works from early ones to works of recent decades. The fund of the museum includes more than a hundred of sculptures from different materials, a collection of stones and sketches, beside that, instruments, supports and other technical equipment necessary for a sculptor. The memorial exposition includes few Golubkina`s personal things and photos of her relatives.




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