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 N.E.Zhykovsky Scientific-Memorial Museum 


     The exposition of N.E.Zhykovsky Scientific-Memorial Museum is dedicated to life and work of a distinguished Russian scientist, mathematician and mechanic N.E.Zhykovsky, who is one of founders of aviation science.

     The museum was founded to commemorate Zhykovsky`s 100th Jubilee in 1947 and was opened to the public in 1956. Zhukovsky`s students and colleagues (A.N. Tupolev, A.A.Arkhangenskaya, K.A.Ushakov, G.Kh.Sabini, academics aerodynamicists S.A.Khristianovich, M.V.Keldysh) participated in the foundation of the museum.

     The exposition is located in the building where right after the foundation in 1918 Central aerohydrodynamic Institute began its work. The building itself if a monument of history and consists of two absolutely different in their style constructions: a construction of 1786-1787 and a more modern one construction of 1914.




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