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 Heroes of Soviet Union Zoya and Aleksandr Kosmodemiyanskiy Museum 


     Zoya Anatoljevna Kosmodemiyanskaya (1923-1941) is a Red army partisan abandoned in German base. According to the soviet official version she is a partisan. She is the first woman who was granted a title за a hero of Soviet Union in WWII (post-mortem). She became a symbol of soviet people`s heroism and courage shown in WWII.
     Alexander Anatoljevich Kosmodemiyanskiy (1925-1945) – hero of Soviet Union, Zoya Kosmodemiyanskaya`s brother. He had been in the lines in the west in his armored brigade № 42since October, 1943. He participated in the re-occupation of Belorussia and Baltics, in breathrough battles with Germans in East Prussia, in a combat assault of the fortress in Koeningsberg. He died during a combat operation in Vierbruederkrug.
       The exposition of the museum includes the following departments:
• a history of the school since 1918;
• life and feats of the Soviet Union heroes: Zoya and Shura Kosmodemyansky;
• the Kosmodemyanskys` memorial room ;
• a tree was planted by Zoya in front of the school in 1940;
• the battle glory of the school graduates;
• the memorial to the pupils (58 people) and teachers (4), who were killed in the WWII;
• ancient peasantry daily household units.




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