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 Museum Ц house of M.S.TSchepkin. 


     Michael Semenovich Tschepkin (1788-1863) is a famous Russian actor , one of the founders of Russian acting school.
     The museum – house of M.S.Tschepkin was opened for visitors after the building where the actor spent last years of this life (1859-1863) had been renovated. Today The museum – house of M.S.Tschepkin is an affiliate of State Theatre Museum named after A.Bakhrushin. Wooden country estate where the museum is situated was built “without any nail” at the end of the 18th century and miraculously was not destroyed by fire of 1812. The building preserved its unique cobwork . It is a really spacious ancient city house. Today the building has the status of a monument of architecture of federal significance.
     The exposition of the museum consists of ancient exhibits from collections of the Maly Theare where Tschepkin worked for more than 40 years, and from collections of State Theatre Museum named after A.Bakhrushin. Excursions devoted to Michael Semonovich Tschepkin`s life and work are held in the museum. Special attention is drawn to Tschepkin as a founder of Russian drama school and a reformer of the Russian Theatre.




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