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 Museum Ц flat of V.E.Meyerhold 


     Vsevolod Emiljevich Meyerhold (1874-1940) is a Russian soviet stage director, actor and teacher. He was both a theorist and a practitioner of theatrical grotesque, an author of the programme “Theatrical October” and the founder of the acting school that was then called “biomechanics” and the people`s artist of RSFSR.
     The memorial flat of V.E.Meyerhold is located in a residential house built in the style of constructivism in 1982. The house is called “The house of artists” and is a monument of history. The interior of the flat was not preserved because of the well known tragedy that happened with Meyerhold and his family. The founder of the museum IS Meyerhold`s granddaughter Maria Alekseevna Valentej who managed to get back her grandfather`s flat, to find a small part of his personal belongings from his office (which was renovated in 1934) and to found a museum in the flat in 1991. Most objects for the museum were taken from State Theatre Museum named after A.Bakhrushin` s collections.
      Today lots of exhibitions are held in the memorial flat which focus on V.E.Meyerhold`s life and work.




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