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 I.V. Kurchatov's memorial house 


      Igor Vasiljevich Kurchatov is a Russian physicist, “father” of Russian soviet nuclear bomb, the founder and the first head of the Institute of nuclear power since 1943 till 1960, the main scientific supervisor of nuclear problems in the USSR, one of the first people who mentioned that nuclear power can be used for peaceful purposes, an academic of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR .
     The museum was opened in 1970. The house built upon the project of I.V.Zholtovsky is a unique city residence of the middle of the 20th c. I.V. Kurchatov lived in the house with his family since 1946 till 1960. The building was not rebuilt and the memorial interior is still preserved.
     The core of Museum fund is constituted by authentic belongings of the Kurchatovs, namely paintings, furniture, library, family archive, personal things, unique photos and documents, awards, presents, video and cinema materials. Visitors can learn a lot about the history of Russian science and technology, soviet nuclear projects, nuclear industry of 1920s-1960s. A number of exponats are included in a national database of Russian cultural heritage in the field of science and technology.




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