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 A.M.Gorky Literary Museum in Gorky Institute of World Literature 


     The Gorky Institute of World Literature is a research institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow founded in 1932. Till 1934 it was called Literary Institute named after M.Gorky , in 1934 it was renamed into Gorky Institute of World Literature.
     In 1937 there were founded M.Gorky Archive and M.Gorky Literary Museum that was opened to the public the same year. The museum is located in a former Gagarins` country estate built in the first quarter of the 19th century upon the project by Domeniko Zhiljardi.
      Since its foundation the museum was aimed at gathering, preserving and studying all things that are connected with the writer's life and work. The museum was at once granted a status of an establishment that beside collecting and preserving is engaged into organizing excursions and into research work.




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