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 The Central House of aviation and cosmonautics 


     The Central House of aviation and cosmonautics was opened in 1927 and was called  the Central House of aircraft and astronautics in USSR (CHA&A). There were 4 departments there: a department of aircraft, departments of chemical, agricultural and historical aviation.
     In 1958 it was renamed and is called the Central House of aircraft and astronautics (CHA&A) till tody. Now there are nine halls in the House where visitors can find not only models of different aeronautic and cosmonautic equipment but also original equipment in its original size.
    The first hall introduces us to the history of astronautics till 1917, the second hall focuses on the history of soviet aviation since 1918 till 1940. In the third hall you will learn how fighter aircraft, fighter bombers and attack aircraft developed since 1945 to 1995. In the fourth hall you are to learn about the development of bomber, military transport, naval and civil aviation during the period starting from 1945 and continuing up to 1995. A special hall is dedicated to hang gliding and sky jumping. Moreover, there is a hall where aero engines in full size are exhibited. Finally, one of the most interesting halls of the museums is dedicated to cosmonautics. There are cosmonauts` personal things, food, and a model of the spaceship “Buran” in this hall.

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