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 The Polytechnic Museum 


     The Polytechnic Museum is one of the oldest science museums in the world, located at New Square in Moscow. The museum was founded on the basis of the Polytechnic exhibition of 1872 upon the initiative of the Association of amateurs of natural science, anthropology and ethnography and due to Moscow State University professors` ( G.E.Shurov and A.P.Bogdanov and others) active participation. The Polytechnic museum is the largest technic university in Russia which owns more than 190 thousands of museum objects, about 150 collections introducing a few fields of technology and science. The exposition enables us to discover the history of technology, the principles of work of different technical equipment. There is a large library in the Polytechnic museum which comprises more than 3 million books and periodicals.

     Today the main building of the museum is closed for reconstruction. It is to be opened for visitors in 2018. During the reconstruction period the exposition of the museum was moved to the former factory in Tekstilchiki where visitors can see an exhibition of the Polytechnic museum.






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