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 All Russian Decorative Art Museum 


     All Russian Decorative Art Museum is the only museum in Russia that gathered in its funds the works of the Russian decorative, applied art starting from folk art to works by outstanding artists of past centuries and artworks of recent decades.
     The collection of the Museum was formed in by the integration of the collection of All Russian Decorative Art Museum and the collection of the Museum of Folk Art named after S. T. Morozov in 1999.
    The collection of the museum covers the period from 16th century to modern times. The museum owns more than 120 thousands of exhibits. The collections of the museum are stored according to the material of artworks and fall into several departments: the Department of Woodwork and Bone work, the Department of Metal with a subdepartment of precious metals, the Department of Glass, the Department of Ceramics, the Department of Textile, the Department of fine materials, the Department of Lacquer Miniature. The library of the museum had Rare Books Department where unique printed materials are kept.

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