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 The Vodka history museum 


     The Vodka History Museum is located within the walls of "Izmailovo Kremlin" in Moscow. Originally was located in St. Petersburg at Konnogvardeisky Boulevard. Thematically, the whole collection of the museum, showing the 500-year history of Russian vodka since the invention to the present day, contains more than 600 kinds of this drink, vodka old recipes of the XVIII century, posters, photos and documents in different time periods of national history (the royal and presidential decrees, works of famous writers on the subject). In the museum there are historical types of vodka labels and bottles - from shkalik and kosushka to damask and quarter, measuring tanks, which were used in the taverns and restaurants to sell vodka to the clients - from the famous bucket to sorokovka.
    The exhibition is divided into sectors-eras - the Old Russian era, the Russian Empire, the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet Union, modern Russia.

     Opening hours:
     Every day – 10 a.m. -8 p.m.





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