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 The Cinema Museum 


     The State Central Museum of Cinema – is a Russian state institution that deals with active educational and research activities in the field of history and film theory. It did not only showed films but also was the place where film critics’, philosophers’, filmmakers’ lectures, festivals of Russian and foreign films and seminars on theoretical problems of cinema were held. Formally it is located in Moscow, but currently does not have its own premises. Museum collection consists of the research library, manuscript collection (the archives of film organizations and the private archives of cinematographers), the Fine Fund (sketches of scenery, costumes, characters, storyboards, and other materials, reflecting the work of artists of the movie), the Animation Fund (dolls, puppets, drawings, graphics) , the Subject Fund (equipment, devices for filming, cameras, stereoscopes), and the Poster Fund. The biggest collection of the museum is a photo-store, where the negatives (originals and refilmed), photo prints, slides, postcards, as well as cutting staff included and not included in the film editing are stored.
     Currently working with foundations is seriously hampered due to lack of space. Storing the collections of the Museum was made possible due to "Mosfilm" and personally Karen Shakhnazarov, but scientific work on the same scale is not conducted. For the same reason there are no permanent collections. Temporary exhibitions are held periodically in cooperation with a number of museums in Moscow and various cultural organizations.





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