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 The Museum "Moscow Lights"  


     The Museum "Lights of Moscow" is a Moscow museum devoted to the history of lighting. The museum was opened in 1980 in the Armenian side street in the building of the Protopopov (Miloslavsky) Chambers of the XVII century. Already in front of the museum, visitors can see the outdoor exhibition, housed in a charming landscaped courtyard. Here you can see the old oil, kerosene, electric lights (working in the evening).
    In the vaulted chambers of ancient buildings there can be seen a svetets with a splinter, manual and street lights, lamps and lighting fixtures of various shapes and sizes, control panels with exterior lighting, a lot of photos with views of the capital. One of the rooms of the museum is dedicated to the electric clock.
    Themed tours of the museum and on the streets of Moscow are organized. The most popular tours: the evening walking tour through the old alleys with flashlights (candles) and "From the Lantern" - a walking tour through the most interesting places in the center of Moscow, which features historic lights.

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